Our mission is to bring comfort to children, to enhance the experience of learning, and to enrich the lives of our canine and human volunteers.

Support and ComfortThe Support and Comfort Program at Pedia Manor 
Pedia Manor
Pedia Manor provides high quality medical care to children with complex medical needs in a cheerful home environment

From therapy to long-term care, Pedia Manor offers sophisticated, high-quality medical care by skilled, compassionate pediatric caregivers in a bright, cheerful and welcoming home-based setting. Pedia Manor was founded with the belief that if an organization is appropriately staffed with quality people and low patient to staff ratios are maintained, that it would allow for better quality of care, and better outcomes.

Pedia Manor’s ultimate goal is to provide their children with the best quality of life possible and go to great lengths to see that this happens. In addition, they facilitate many outings, trips, and activities and spend extra time playing with their children. As a result, they have seen children grow beyond anyone’s expectations often defying the odds and thriving when they were expected to struggle.

For more information about our Pedia Manor program, please contact Tracey Vazquez, Director, at Tracey@roxytherapydogs.org.