Our mission is to bring comfort to children, to enhance the experience of learning, and to enrich the lives of our canine and human volunteers.

Support and ComfortThe High School Student Support Program


Roxy Therapy Dogs support teens who are struggling with anxiety, stress management, bereavement, and other issues.

RRTD High School Student Support Group

Our High School Student Support Program began as a pilot program in December 2015 at the request of Central Bucks High School administrators. Already familiar with Roxy Therapy Dogs, CB West Assistant Principal, Todd Cantrell, felt that AAI (Animal Assisted Intervention) would benefit high school students who are facing certain challenges in their personal lives.

Once we began, it became immediately clear that there was a strong need for this program. A guidance counselor recently stated, “Bringing the Therapy Dogs into these group sessions has had an immediate and positive impact on the students. After just one session, the students reported feeling calmer, happier, and in a better mood to face the challenges in their day.”

This program has grown to also provide support for students at all three CBSD high schools who are looking for tools and guidance on how to deal with stress and anxiety. Roxy Therapy Dogs President, Sharon Fleck, visits approximately 12 classes a year providing students with valuable information on the human/canine connection as well as the positive physical health benefits that interaction with dogs has on the human body.

“There is nothing better than the unconditional love an animal can provide. But did you know that dogs can also reduce your blood pressure and lower stress hormones while increasing oxytocin, respiratory and cardiovascular health. I have been so fortunate to watch these benefits firsthand every marking period in my Stress Management & Healthy Living Course. Roxy Therapy Dogs have been educating and visiting my classroom on the human/canine connection for the past 3 years. Sharon Fleck has shared her immense knowledge of a dog’s effect on stress management and the Roxy team has brought their loveable dogs into our classroom. With anxiety and depression on the rise the Roxy team has given my high school students comfort and a chance to relax and connect to their devoted and caring canines. I cannot thank this program enough for dedicating their time to visiting our school. Both myself and my students look forward to our Roxy Therapy Dog visit every marking period!”

Christine Cochran

Health & Physical Education

Central Bucks High School East

For more information regarding our High School Student Support Program, please contact Sharon Fleck, Director, at Sharon@roxytherapydogs.org.