Our mission is to bring comfort to children, to enhance the experience of learning, and to enrich the lives of our canine and human volunteers.

Support and ComfortThe Support and Comfort Program at the Doylestown Hospital Pediatric Center

Doylestown Health

Roxy Therapy Dogs bring support and comfort to pediatric patients at The Della Penna Pediatric Center of Doylestown Hospital.

RRTD at Doylestown Hospital PediatricsDrawing from a long history of providing comfort to area children, Roxy Therapy Dogs have developed a partnership with Doylestown Health to bring support and smiles to pediatric patients at The Della Penna Pediatric Center of Doylestown Hospital, a six-bed unit that serves infants, children and adolescents with respiratory issues, orthopedic issues and other medical issues that require inpatient care.

Notably, Roxy Therapy Dogs is the first and only organization selected to provide canine comfort in the hospital’s pediatric center. “It was important that we had volunteers who were experienced in visiting children, so we reached out to RRTD as an organization that had experience and a great reputation in working with children in other settings.”

Volunteer teams consisting of a certified emotional therapy dog with their owner/handler along with a hospital volunteer are highly trained to provide calm, supportive company to patients and their families.

For more information regarding our Doylestown Hospital Pediatrics program, please contact Joyce Rivas, Director, at Joyce@roxytherapydogs.org.