Our mission is to bring comfort to children, to enhance the experience of learning, and to enrich the lives of our canine and human volunteers.

Support and ComfortSupport and Comfort

Roxy Therapy Dogs Support and Comfort Programs deliver calm and positivity throughout the community.

Through hospital visits, Roxy Therapy Dogs‘ certified volunteer pet therapy teams provide comfort and companionship to pediatric patients and their families. At the high school level, we support teens struggling with anxiety, stress and grief. Our visits to pediatric group homes provide a fun, welcome distraction to medically fragile children with chronic health issues. And in classrooms where reading is not the focus, we support cognitively and physically challenged children including those with learning disabilities and Autism.


Support and Comfort Program at Doylestown Hospital Doylestown Hospital
The Support and Comfort Program at the Doylestown Hospital Pediatric Center

To comfort and support pediatric patients, highly specialized Roxy Therapy Dogs volunteer teams are the only group invited to visit The Della Penna Pediatric Center of Doylestown Hospital. Volunteer teams consisting of a certified emotional therapy dog with their owner/handler along with a hospital volunteer are trained to provide calm, supportive company to patients and their families.


RRTD High School Student Support GroupCBSD
The High School Student Support Program

To comfort and support our high school students, Roxy Therapy Dogs volunteer teams visit Central Bucks High School West. For students who are struggling with stress, anxiety or depression, visits from our therapy dogs can be truly life changing. We also work in unison with the Guidance Department to support high school students who have lost a family member.


Support and Comfort Program at Pedia ManorThe Support and Comfort Program at Pedia Manor
The Support and Comfort Program at Pedia Manor

To comfort these medically fragile and technologically dependent children, Roxy Therapy Dogs volunteer teams visit Pedia Manor group homes regularly. Our volunteer therapy team visits provide happy, memorable moments during what can be a challenging time for children who are ventilator and/or feeding tube-dependent, and who may never live on their own.


Central Bucks School District Special Needs Support Program

During the regular school year, our certified volunteer pet therapy teams supply unique, irreplaceable support in classrooms where reading is not the focus of the therapy team/student relationship.

These visits may include children who are:

  • Grieving
  • Autistic
  • Challenged with Down’s Syndrome
  • Multiple Handicapped
  • Non-responsive to traditional stimulus
  • Confronting challenges that require special or individualized care, and prohibit their inclusion in a typical classroom.
  • Suffering from cognitive disabilities

Central Bucks School District Extended School Year Program

In the summer months when school is not in session, our volunteers visit children attending school in the Bucks County Intermediate Unit classrooms. The IU is a designated provider of specialized services for children with disabilities.



For general questions about our Support and Comfort Programs, please contact Sharon Fleck, President, Roxy Therapy Dogs.