Our mission is to bring comfort to children, to enhance the experience of learning, and to enrich the lives of our canine and human volunteers.

Roxy Puppies

Donations enable us to purchase stuffed Roxy Puppies for children who are victims of abuse and neglect.

RoxyPuppiesThe Roxy Puppies are an important part of our Courthouse Dogs Program. The little stuffed dogs are a complement to the real-world experience of meeting a therapy dog in the courthouse.

“Often these children are quickly removed from their homes, shuffled into foster settings or dragged into court” noted Roxy Therapy Dogs spokesperson Linda McCrillis, “the therapy dogs do a great job of bringing comfort and relief from fear and confusion. The stuffed dogs serve as reminders of the comfort the children experienced while interacting with the real dogs at the courthouse. They may be the only belonging that a child gets to keep after being removed from their home that day.”

The Roxy Puppy is a cuddly reminder of the therapy dog connection as they continue through the legal process, which often includes placement in a foster home, county care facility, etc.

To sponsor a litter of Roxy Puppies, click here.

For more information about our Courthouse Therapy Dogs Program, please contact Maggie Sivak, Director, Courthouse Therapy Dogs