Our mission is to bring comfort to children, to enhance the experience of learning, and to enrich the lives of our canine and human volunteers.

ID Vests

Donations enable us to purchase custom therapy dog ID vests. These vests identify our teams as safe, certified, insured and highly skilled Roxy Therapy Dogs.

RRTD ID Therapy Vests

A Roxy Therapy Dog custom fit ID vest is important to:

Child Victims who are traumatized and feel vulnerable.
Our ID vests assure kids, at a glance, that this dog and handler are safe.

Children with cognitive disabilities.
They recognize and trust our predictably gentle teams.

Staff and security at the venues we visit.
RTD vests are not available to dogs outside of our programs.

Therapy Dogs.
Because putting on a vest lets them know that they are “working”.

Please consider outfitting a Therapy Dog with an ID Vest. Click here for more information.