Our mission is to bring comfort to children, to enhance the experience of learning, and to enrich the lives of our canine and human volunteers.

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Roxy Therapy Dog programs provide an irreplaceable and dependable support system for children in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Our unique therapeutic services are provided entirely by unpaid volunteers absolutely FREE of charge.

We are 100% reliant on tax deductible donations from community members like you. From ID vests and training materials to insurance and office supplies, economic demands are a very real part of our continued existence. Your tax deductible donation will help us reach every child in Bucks County who needs the comfort of a Roxy Therapy Dog.

You can help…

Support a Community Outreach Program
Supporting literacy, educating community groups, presenting at conferences and guest lecturing about the benefits of canine therapy to children are important goals for our organization. Learn more.

Help Insure Our Therapy Teams
Our volunteers have a powerful interest in supporting children and helping them grow up to be strong and confident. Providing for their safety and security is paramount.

Supply Literacy Support Materials for a School
Weekly visits to elementary school children with a wide variety of reading challenges build strong supporting relationships, trust, a sense of calm and self-confidence. Learn more.

Sponsor a Litter of Roxy Puppies
The Roxy Puppies are an important part of our Courthouse Therapy Dogs Program. Providing funding for the Roxy Puppies is a unique opportunity to make a donation directly benefiting local children in distress. Learn more.

Contribute to a School Library
Our Be Like Bud! books are a great addition to any school library. Children love to see and learn more about the dogs that visit their schools as well as, the other Roxy therapy dogs. Purchase four books and get one free – we will send all five books to the school of your choice, in your name.

Outfit a Therapy Dog with an ID Vest
Our therapy dogs deliver self-esteem, relief from anxiety and fear, and a sense of well being. Their ID Vests ensure they are immediately recognizable to the many children we visit. Learn more.

Estate Gifts
Proudly leave a legacy that will change the lives of children by including a charitable contribution in your will. Kindly contact us to let us know if you choose this important option.

To check out our Puppy Fundraiser and receive a FREE plush puppy with your donation, click here!

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donate-dogThank you for donating to Roxy Therapy Dogs!
Your generous donation will help us continue to meet the demand for our important programs that provide a unique, irreplaceable, and dependable support system for children. These services are provided by unpaid volunteers absolutely FREE of charge. Your tax deductible donation allows us to continue these important programs.