Our mission is to bring comfort to children, to enhance the experience of learning, and to enrich the lives of our canine and human volunteers.

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Heartfelt success stories from teams, parents, students, patients, visitors, and any other believers in the significant supportive power of Roxy Therapy Dogs.

An Interview with Roxy Team Janet and Nike

Janet Stavrides and her dog Nike visit elementary school classes weekly, the high schools and Del Val for a research project. They visit Pedia Manor and the Courthouse too. If that isn’t busy enough, they also support Roxy community events and visit a local Assisted Living Facility. We sat down with Janet to learn more… Continue Reading

An Extra Special ‘Heart Hug’ from Finn

Cheryl Luginbuhl has a heartwarming story about an interaction between her dog Finn and a clergyman she met outside of Doylestown hospital. Cheryl describes how she was walking Finn outside in preparation for her shift at the hospital when they encountered a clergyman exiting the hospital. Cheryl describes how she could just tell, just by… Continue Reading

Feedback from Dependency Court

Mary Ellen Roche (Judge Robert Mellon’s tipstaff) sent this text to Linda McCrillis, Roxy Therapy Dogs Board Chair; “Thanks to all of you and your dedication, therapy dogs are now in eighty percent of County Courthouses in Pennsylvania. That’s an amazing accomplishment, and it started right here in Bucks County with Roxy Therapy Dogs!” Linda… Continue Reading