Our mission is to bring comfort to children, to enhance the experience of learning, and to enrich the lives of our canine and human volunteers.

Welcome Nicki and Maisie

Nicki Kopach has a beautiful, happy, and lovable 3 year old Australian Shepard Mix named Maisie. They are a remarkably calm team. Maisie is a rescue from Tiny Miracles who loves to give kisses. Her birthday is March 17, 2015. Nicki and Maisie are interested in visiting our Courthouse, Schools, and Pedia Manor venues. Welcome… Continue Reading

Welcome Cynthia and Page

Cynthia Wirth brings over 30 years as a special education teacher. She was certified through Comfort Caring Canines with her dog, Page, a beautiful Catahoula – lab shepard mix. Page is a 19 month old rescue with a very low key personality, although also very ‘treat’ motivated.   Cynthia and Page currently visit “lots of… Continue Reading

Welcome Rachel and Elvis

Rachel has been a volunteer with Roxy since last year. She now has a dog that she just got certified and wants to share! Elvis is a beautiful, large, energetic black labrador. Did I say large? He is 6 years old – shows no sign of slowing down – and clocks in at 95 lbs!… Continue Reading

Welcome Lisa and Piper

Lisa and Piper will be a wonderful asset to Roxy as both are very personable and likable! Piper is a super sweet four and a half year old Golden Retriever who does this cute thing with her tongue and is happiest when she is being petted! Lisa has some nieces at Bridge Valley and friends… Continue Reading

Welcome Gretchen and Aslan

Previously, Gretchen Knittel was part of a Roxy Team with her Shepherd named Viggo who passed away in November 2016. She has now brought Aslan, named after the lion from the Narnia books, to the Roxy family. Aslan is the most chill, lean, and sweetest long haired 3 year old rescue Shepherd. Gretchen and Aslan… Continue Reading


In February 2018, our Roxy Therapy Dogs family lost another long-time, beloved canine volunteer. Bud passed away just shy of 13 years old, after volunteering with Roxy Therapy Dogs for the last 9 years. Bud loved visiting his classes at Gayman Elementary School every week! He also comforted children at the Bucks County Courthouse, and… Continue Reading